Our Story

Rick Schneider Middle school was the first school in PISD to start the middle school concept. The middle school concept which was established in 2006 when Schneider first open its doors, is the idea of serving fifth and sixth grade students at one campus before they enter intermediate. Currently, the school serves fifth and sixth grade students from four different elementary campuses in the district. Rick Schneider
Schneider Middle School is named after retired Superintendent Rick Schneider, who served for 13 consecutive years as the district’s top leader.
Schneider Middle School is within the Houston City limits, but it is operated by the Pasadena Independent School District. Due to the demographics of the campus, the school is considered a Title I campus.

5 Things about Rick Schneider

1. He was the longest serving superintendent in PISD--13 years
A superintendent is the leader of the whole school district.

2. He served PISD for a total of 20 years.
Before he was the superintendent, he also worked as Deputy Superintendent for Instruction and Associate Superintendent for Personnel.  

3. He introduced the middle school concept to PISD.  

Before, elementary school consisted of grades K-5, and intermediate served grades 6-8.  Now, the middle schools serve grades 5-6.

4. He retired in Dec. 2005.  

He was quoted in an article by the Houston Chronicle as saying, "I feel my biggest accomplishment over the years was watching students achieve and watching students learn."

5. He's actually Dr. Rick Schneider.  

He received his bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico, his Master's Degree from New Mexico State University, and his Doctorate from Texas A&M University.