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Communities in Schools - Texas Joint Venture

Rick Schneider Middle School 

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Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion = 
Student Success! 

CIS in Texas is the
 Nation's Largest Dropout 
Prevention Program

of student in CIS
Stayed in school!

Communities In Schools of Brazoria County and Southeast Harris County (CIS) are a joint venture 501(c)3 non-profit organization administered by the Texas Education Agency

One of our key initiatives is providing high-quality programs during the school day and afterschool throughout Brazoria and Southeast Harris Counties. We currently have 84 federally and state funded program sites in 7 school districts serving over 11,000 students.

These programs strive to improve academics, behavior, attendance, promotion, and graduation rates. CIS does this by providing homework help, tutoring, enrichment, health and wellness, character education, college and career readiness, family engagement, social services, and service learning.

The best thing about CIS is that all services are at no charge to the participants. Last year, 99.7% of our students stayed in school, 97.5% were promoted to the next grade,
92.6% improved in academics, attendance and behavior and 98.6% of our seniors graduated. 

The Benefits of Communities In Schools

  • An increased positive self-image for students

  • Increase productive time for the students and teachers in the classroom

  • Increase/Improved levels of academic performance

  • Increase/Improved levels of attendance (reduce truancy and tardiness)

  • Improve student physical, emotional, family and social health

  • Reduced disciplinary and/or behavioral problems in schools (school violence or anger)

  • Reduced problems due to alcohol and other substance abuse

  • An increased stay in school rate (decrease drop-out rate)

  • And all the other benefits that are realized when we “mold” and “mend minds” throughout the child’s growing-up period.

Other Services

  • Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) - help parents and students by providing after school care supervised with homework completion and academic enrichment activities. 
  • Provide supportive guidance and programs relating to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, violence, ethnic sensitivity, teen parents

  • Provide social, organizational, employment and behavior skills programs to students

  • Provide positive self-image, social skills, and conflict resolution classroom sessions

  • Provide goal setting, tutoring and educational enhancement

  • Coordinates eye, dental and hearing screenings for students at our elementary schools

  • Coordinate parent/children activities at our resource centers

  • Provide summer school programs in various school districts

  • Perinatal services to our pregnant teens

  • Facilitate parenting workshops and coordinate ESL classes for adults.

Required Services

The CIS program consists of six required components.  Each of our programs provide these components within our service area based on the specific needs of the students and campuses as communicated to CIS by school administrators.  The required program components are: 

  • Educational enhancement – help students through tutoring or mentoring to improve their academic and vocational skills and achievements.

  • Enrichment – help students enhance their self-esteem, through a variety of programs and activities, while encouraging them to control and channel their behavior in constructive ways.

  • Parental/Family involvement – facilitate and encourage parental involvement in their children’s school experience.

  • Health and Human Services – provide these services to students and families to enable them to concentrate on their school priorities.

  • Pre-employment/Employment – provide students with easy information or access to skills training and job placement.

Supportive Guidance – improve students’ attendance at school and broaden the students’ horizons by providing a personal, one-on-one relationship with a caring adult.